Nerds Gone Wild! is a Melbourne-based magazine servicing any persons with a single-minded obsession in the field of awesome.

The field of awesome is boundless, but may include:
a) any of the less active, dice-based sports;
b) any of the more insane children’s programming of the 1980s; and,
c) the complete filmography and discography of William Shatner.

Launched in September 2006 with a photocopier and some loose change, Nerds Gone Wild! has grown exponentially in scale, from “Jesus Loves You” pamphlet to Bible size!

Now distributed by SelectAir, Nerds Gone Wild! can be found in all awesome retailers across the planet.

Founder & Editor Mia Timpano

Associate Editor Anthony Mays

Art Direction Lars Ulrich Jnr & The Sons of Mog

Contributing Writers Noonien Goldeneye O’Brien, Nathanael Jeanneret, Benjamin Law, Tracey Lien, Stephen Davies, Clementine Ford, Alex J Powell, Gowron Van Helsing, Lee-Ann Woon, Jim Stark, Ben Pollock

“Written with a sense of comic timing that rivals Red Dwarf … the energy that soaks each page of Nerds Gone Wild! is infectious.” — ThreeThousand

“Jesus H.G. Christ I need this magazine! I’ve pulled / sprained something from the hilarity — it hurts like shit and I want more. I haven’t laughed so hard since I found out that you can watch the entirety of Galaxy Quest in Thermian. I will remember this day as a close call — I almost died.” — Matt, reader letter 1.4

“Un-freaking-believable. That’s what I said after I discovered Nerds Gone Wild!. You guys are freaking awesome. What can I say to lay praise at your feet? Your mag is now equal on my priority list with WoW.” — Saihung the Great, reader letter 2.1